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VettaFi’s Advisor Perspectives Named Most Read E-Newsletter for 5th Consecutive Year

VettaFi’s Advisor Perspectives Named Most Read E-Newsletter for Financial Advisors  for Fifth Consecutive Year by Erdos Media Research

Advisor Perspectives also wins top spot among Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs)

NEW YORK, November 16, 2023 – Advisor Perspectives, the premier digital publisher for the financial advisory profession and a recent addition to the fast-growing VettaFi lineup of research and educational offerings, today announced that it has been ranked as the most-read electronic newsletter among financial advisors for the fifth year in a row by Erdos Media Research’s Financial Advisor Media Outlook and Usage Study (FAMOUS).

Since 2013, FAMOUS has supplied deep insights into how advisors view fund families and use media, as well as providing a multifaceted profile of financial advisors that goes beyond basic demographic information, including variables such as AUM, work setting, and the role of the advisor in the client relationship. FAMOUS was based on responses from 163,719 financial advisors.

This is Advisor Perspectives’ fifth consecutive year of ranking ahead of The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and Barron’s among the e-newsletters listed, with 48% more readership than the average of the top 10 newsletters. Advisor Perspectives also claimed the number one spot for e-newsletters among the independent registered investment advisor (RIA) segment.

“Investors entrust their advisors with their life savings, and those advisors demand relevant, accurate content to guide their decision-making,” said Robert Huebscher, who founded Advisor Perspectives in 2007 and is now a vice chairman at VettaFi. “I am honored to once again see the critical role the VettaFi team plays in that process.”

In addition to its website and newsletters, VettaFi’s Advisor Perspectives also produces a podcast, Gaining Perspective, hosted by Robert Huebscher, which has also proven to be popular with advisors and consistently ranks among the top 10 most-listened-to podcasts among those specifically produced for the financial advisor audience. Electronic newsletters and podcasts were added to the FAMOUS study five years ago and have become a critical segment of the media landscape.

“Many studies look at financial advisors, their performance, and other metrics. But FAMOUS is the only comprehensive study that evaluates the media consumption and knowledge of fund families in addition to building a profile of FAs,” said David March, chief executive officer at Erdos Media Research. “FAMOUS evaluates which media brands and platforms are most effective in reaching various types of FAs. For RIA, IBD, and wirehouse firms, across variables such as AUM, investment strategy, or familiarity of a particular fund family, FAMOUS supports targeting efforts for maximum ROI for marketing expenditures.”

“We’re thrilled to see VettaFi’s Advisor Perspectives once again recognized as a leading online resource for advisors looking to educate themselves and their clients,” added Leland Clemons, CEO of VettaFi. “There is a lot of content available for advisors, but a focus on quality is what sets Advisor Perspectives apart.”

VettaFi is a data, indexing, digital distribution, and thought leadership company that helps asset managers drive growth and scale. In addition to Advisor Perspectives, the VettaFi universe also encompasses the industry-leading efforts of ETF Trends, ETF Database, S-Network Global Indexes, Alerian, Logicly, ROBO, and EQM Indices.

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About VettaFi   

http://www.vettafi.com/VettaFi, LLC, is a data and analytics company with offices in the US and Canada. VettaFi is a provider of indexing, data & analytics, industry leading conferences, and digital distribution services to ETF issuers and fund managers.

Advisor Perspectives became part of VettaFi in 2022 and is now VettaFi’s digital publishing platform for the advisory profession, including RIAs, financial planners, wirehouse and independent broker-dealer representatives, family offices, insurance brokers, institutional investors, bank professionals, and more. Rated #1 most-read electronic newsletter by financial advisors five years in a row by Erdos Media Research, Advisor Perspectives helps advisors enable clients to achieve their financial goals.

For more information, visit www.VettaFi.com.

About Erdos Media Research

At Erdos Media Research, our mission is to provide comprehensive and insightful media market research solutions that empower businesses to make data-driven decisions, thrive in a rapidly evolving media landscape, and connect meaningfully with their target audience. We are committed to delivering accurate, timely, and actionable intelligence to uncover key trends, consumer behavior, and emerging opportunities. Through our unwavering dedication to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction, we aim to be the trusted partner for media organizations worldwide, enabling them to navigate the complexities of the media ecosystem and achieve sustainable growth and success.

Erdos Media Research is committed to providing companies with effective research studies conducted efficiently and accurately. One of the attributes that distinguish us is our personal approach. Our senior level staff members each possess over 20 years of experience in media market research and are savvy researchers who offer alternative routes to your goals. They instinctively understand client objectives and take personal responsibility for your project. As a member of the Insights Association, we currently adhere to its privacy standards.

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