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VettaFi Announces Further Enhancements to Its Investor Behavioral Intelligence Offering

 Provides deeper data and stronger insights into the “who” and the “how” that are crucial components for asset managers looking to better connect with a highly fragmented investor marketplace

NEW YORK, March 2, 2023 — VettaFi, the data and analytics company, announces new enhancements to its highly innovative Investor Intelligence platform, a data & analytics offering designed to help asset managers better understand the digital buying behaviors of the broad and diverse pool of potential investors.   

“We’ve said from the beginning that our goal is to turn finance from an industry to a community. For asset managers to play a leading role in that shift, they have to understand the digital body language of the investors and advisors with whom they’re looking to connect. This is where the unique data and analytics tools provided by our Investor Intelligence Platform can provide a key advantage, and we’re thrilled with the progress we’ve made as we continue to refine and augment our offerings,” said Craig Katz, head of sales, data, and analytics with VettaFi, who recently joined the team following several years in a variety of leadership roles with Discovery Data.  

The new offering, informed by client feedback and evolved from the company’s existing behavioral intelligence solutions, now offers three distinct product sets, based on asset manager needs and in-house capabilities:    

  • VettaFi Firebird: A full-service, outsourced digital marketing and investor insights work system for asset managers looking for data-led marketing expertise and deep audience insights. Designed for asset managers who value digital behavioral data and partnership with experts while they focus on their core competency of product management. Firebird delivers customized digital marketing strategies at great speed with built-in qualified lead generation. 
  • VettaFi Explorer: A self-service investor intelligence tool designed for the data-hungry asset manager. As a package of cloud-based, easy-to-use dashboards, Explorer provides in-house and on-the-road product & distribution strategy teams with critical behavioral insights from current and historical online investor trends.
  • VettaFi Soloist: A data integration solution for asset managers seeking to tap insights straight from the source. Offered as a standard data feed or API, Soloist supports lead gen efforts with third-party investor identification, targeting, and segmentation data that can easily connect to existing CRM and data warehouses.

Each product offering allows for deep customization and is powered by VettaFi’s best-in-class data, allowing for deep understanding of investor trends and purchase intent across the retail, institutional, and financial advisor segments.   

“Successfully integrating data into distribution starts with assessing organizational fit,” added Jon Fee, chief marketing officer with VettaFi. “Asset managers have different needs, goals, and challenges that we want to account for as we seek to provide them with the most impactful data and customizable solutions. No two issuers are at the same stage of digital transformation and that is key to how VettaFi is innovating new data solutions.” 

The updates to VettaFi’s investor behavioral intelligence offering come just weeks after the company held the second iteration of its highly successful Exchange conference in Miami. More than 1,800 advisors, asset managers, service providers, members of the media, and more convened at the conference for four days of knowledge sharing, networking, and investor community building.  

While in Miami, VettaFi conducted user testing and demos of its new product offerings with asset managers of all sizes. 

“The momentum we’re building at VettaFi closely tracks the ETF industry itself, and the excitement at Exchange around what’s happening now and what’s still to come for the ETF community was palpable,” added Tom Hendrickson, president of VettaFi. “We came away from the conference energized and even more connected to the investment community. We’re happy to keep that energy level in place with today’s announcements and everything else we have in our product road map for 2023.” 

More information on VettaFi’s data & analytics can be found here. The VettaFi team will also be hosting a webinar for asset managers to learn more about the Investor Intelligence Platform on March 16th. 

For more news, information, and analysis, visit VettaFi | ETFDB.

About VettaFi   

VettaFi LLC, a data, analytics, and thought leadership company, is transforming financial services from an industry to a community — one relationship at a time. Engaging millions of investors annually, VettaFi cultivates an industry-leading data-driven platform, built to empower and educate the modern financial advisor and institutional investor. 

In addition to providing interactive online tools and research, VettaFi offers asset managers an array of indexing and digital distribution solutions to innovate and scale their businesses. 

For more information, visit www.VettaFi.com

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