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Venerated Voices™ Q3 2023 Rankings

Advisor Perspectives’ website attracts more than 150,000 unique visitors per month, virtually all of them financial advisors serving high- and ultra-high net worth individuals. The company, which is part of VettaFi, publishes economic and market commentaries submitted by fund companies, advisors and independent research firms. In Q3 2023, over 650 such commentaries were published and made available through a daily newsletter, Research Perspectives, which the company emails to its subscribers.

Venerated Voices™ rankings were determined by the number of unique readers of each commentary, using data provided electronically by the third-party web analytics service Google Analytics. The data were normalized using the average score per month. Any participant is eligible to receive a quarterly award. Each firm and author is assigned a relative score based on unique pageviews, with a score of 100 equal to average quarterly readership.

Advisor Perspectives was founded in 2007 and is based in Lexington, Massachusetts. In October 2022, it was announced that Advisor Perspectives became a part of VettaFi. In addition to Research Perspectives, it publishes a widely read weekly newsletter, Advisor Perspectives, which contains original articles on the markets, the economy and practice management.

Advisor Perspectives will continue providing quarterly updates to its rankings, as well as issuing annual Venerated Voices™ awards.

The Top 10 Venerated Voices™ by Commentary

1Credit is the Next Shoe to DropAnne WalshGuggenheim Investments6,824
2Japan Is On The RiseCarl TannenbaumNorthern Trust4,128
3Why Investors in Retirement May Want to Consider an Income ApproachAlex Shingler, Justin ChristofelBlackRock2,284
4Student Loan Repayments – Will It Start the Recession?Lance RobertsReal Investment Advice2,102
5What’s in My Personal Portfolio?John MauldinMauldin Economics1,702
6Student Loan Repayments Restart Soon: What You Need to KnowMario StefanidisVettaFi1,586
7Fewer Losers, or More Winners?Howard MarksOaktree Capital Management1,214
8Slow Burn Minsky Moments (and what to do about them)James MontierGMO1,102
9Turning Time, Part 2John MauldinMauldin Economics1,069
10Powell’s Speech Obfuscates The Truth Behind InflationLance RobertsReal Investment Advice920

The Top 25 Venerated Voices™ by Firm

1Guggenheim Investments1,388
2Oaktree Capital Management642
3Hussman Funds555
4Mauldin Economics361
5Richard Bernstein Advisors352
6Financial Solutions Group320
7Stringer Asset Management309
8Real Investment Advice299
9Lantern Capital268
10Research Affiliates210
12Baird Advisors187
13Evensky & Katz / Foldes Financial Wealth Management178
14HGK Asset Management163
15Northern Trust143
17Pring Turner Capital Group135
18Sitka Pacific Publishing, LLC129
19Euro Pacific Capital120
20Charles Schwab119
21U.S. Global Investors106
22Fulcrum Asset Management104
23Bramshill Investments96
24Hoisington Investment Management95
25Absolute Return Partners88

The Top 25 Venerated Voices™ by Author

1Anne WalshGuggenheim Investments3,442
2Alex Shingler, Justin ChristofelBlackRock2,284
3James MontierGMO1,102
4Kate El-HillowRussell Investments669
5Howard MarksOaktree Capital Management642
6John MauldinMauldin Economics617
7John HussmanHussman Funds555
8James GalbraithProject Syndicate419
9Carl TannenbaumNorthern Trust387
10Ben Inker, John PeaseGMO368
11Richard BernsteinRichard Bernstein Advisors352
12Mario StefanidisVettaFi349
13Rob Arnott, Omid ShakerniaResearch Affiliates336
14Clyde KendzierskiFinancial Solutions Group320
15Gary Stringer, Kim Escue, Chad KellerStringer Asset Management309
16Lance RobertsReal Investment Advice299
17Eric HickmanLantern Capital268
18Liz Ann Sonders, Kathy Jones, Jeffrey KleintopCharles Schwab261
19Joshua GlawsonMoney Metals Exchange204
20Duane McAllisterBaird Advisors187
21Andrew AngBlackRock183
22Sam MilletteCommonwealth Financial Network179
23Harold EvenskyEvensky & Katz / Foldes Financial Wealth Management178
24Scott DiMaggio, Bernd WuebbenAllianceBernstein164
25Michael PendergastHGK Asset Management163

The Top 25 Venerated Voices™ by Firm – Frequently Posted

1Guggenheim Investments1,388
2Mauldin Economics361
3Richard Bernstein Advisors352
4Real Investment Advice299
6Northern Trust143
8Charles Schwab119
9U.S. Global Investors106
10F.A.S.T. Graphs82
11Commonwealth Financial Network79
12Money Metals Exchange74
13Project Syndicate74
16Russell Investments45
17Knowledge Leaders Capital43
19Matthews Asia42
20First Trust Advisors41
21Osterweis Capital Management37
22Loomis, Sayles & Co.37
23Innovator ETFs36
24Raymond James35
25Franklin Templeton Investments32

The Top 25 Venerated Voices™ by Author – Frequently Posted

1John MauldinMauldin Economics617
2Carl TannenbaumNorthern Trust387
3Richard BernsteinRichard Bernstein Advisors352
4Mario StefanidisVettaFi349
5Lance RobertsReal Investment Advice299
6Liz Ann Sonders, Kathy Jones, Jeffrey KleintopCharles Schwab261
7Charles Schwab TeamCharles Schwab139
8Kathy JonesCharles Schwab118
9Jared DillianMauldin Economics110
10Jeffrey KleintopCharles Schwab108
11Frank HolmesU.S. Global Investors106
12Liz Ann Sonders, Kevin GordonCharles Schwab99
13Steven VannelliKnowledge Leaders Capital87
14F.A.S.T. Graphs TeamF.A.S.T. Graphs87
15Ryan James Boyle, Vaibhav Tandon, Carl TannenbaumNorthern Trust84
16James ComtoisVettaFi80
17GMO TeamGMO68
18Cooper HowardCharles Schwab67
19Eugenio AlemánRaymond James58
20Kenneth RogoffProject Syndicate54
21Clint SiegnerMoney Metals Exchange45
22Stephen DoverFranklin Templeton Investments45
23Ben HernandezVettaFi42
24Brian Wesbury, Robert SteinFirst Trust Advisors41
25Jennifer NashVettaFi40

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