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US ETF launches from 9th to 16th November, 2023

25 new ETF offerings were launched for the week, each with a distinct value proposition for investors.  Detailed below are the respective launches from each asset manager.

Fidelity Investments converted six mutual funds to ETFs.

Fidelity Enhanced Large Cap Core ETF (Ticker: FELC) will invest at least 80 per cent of assets in common stocks included in the S&P 500 Index.

Fidelity Enhanced Large Cap Growth ETF (Ticker: FELG) will invest at least 80 per cent of assets in common stocks included in the Russell 1000 Growth Index.

Fidelity Enhanced Large Cap Value ETF (Ticker: FELV) will invest at least 80 per cent of assets in common stocks included in the Russell 1000 Value Index.

Fidelity Enhanced Mid Cap ETF (Ticker: FMDE) will invest at least 80 per cent of assets in common stocks included in the Russell MidCap Index.

Fidelity Enhanced Small Cap ETF (Ticker: FESM) will invest at least 80 per cent of assets in common stocks included in the Russell 2000 Index.

Fidelity Enhanced International ETF (Ticker: FENI) will invest at least 80 per cent of assets in common stocks included in the MSCI EAFE Index.

Simplify Asset Management launched the Simplify US Equity PLUS QIS ETF (Ticker: SPQ). The fund seeks long-term capital appreciation by overlaying a basket of quantitative investment strategies on top of core U.S. equity exposure. Specifically, the ETF will invest in U.S. equities through low-cost equity ETFs and equity futures, while approximately half of the fund’s assets will be invested in shares of the Simplify Multi-QIS Alternative ETF (QIS). The ETF provides exposure to an optimised collection of 10-20 quant-driven strategies.

Janus Henderson Investors launched the Janus Henderson Securitised Income ETF (Ticker: JSI). The actively managed ETF will invest in the US investable securitised market, with Asset Backed Securities, Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities, Collateralized Loan Obligation, Mortgage Credit, and Agency Mortgage-Backed Securities being among the asset types to be held within the solution.

Avantis Investors launched three new active equity ETFs.

The Avantis U.S. Mid Cap Equity ETF (Ticker: AVMC) targets U.S. midcap companies across market sectors and industry groups, while the Avantis U.S. Mid Cap Value ETF (Ticker: AVMV) follows a similar strategy, focusing on value stocks. Finally, the Avantis Emerging Markets Small Cap Equity ETF (Ticker: AVEE) invests in small-cap companies related to emerging markets. The fund invests across market sectors, industry groups, and countries.

Dimensional Fund Advisors launched three new ETFs.

The Dimensional Global Core Plus Fixed Income ETF (Ticker: DFGP) will invest across a wide range of fixed income securities at the global level with a focus on expected credit premiums and expected term premiums, while the Dimensional Global ex US Core Fixed Income ETF (Ticker: DFGX) focuses on primarily on foreign fixed income securities, excluding US bonds. Finally, the Dimensional Global Credit ETF (Ticker: DGCB) invests in U.S. and foreign debt issued by corporations, with a focus on securities that fall within the lower half of the investment-grade universe or in junk bond category.

Honeytree Investment Management launched the Honeytree U.S. Equity ETF (Ticker: BEEZ), an actively managed solution that invests in purpose-driven companies that are focused on responsible growth. The manager considers a range of ESG criteria in addition to fundamental and quantitative data when selecting its 25-30 holding.

Tuttle Capital Management launched the Brendan Wood Top Gun ETF (Ticker: BWTG), an actively managed solution that invests in US equities and ADRs based on information gathered across thousands of interviews with institutional investors about the quality of the companies in its selection universe. The model typically includes 25 companies.

GMO launched the GMO U.S. Quality ETF (Ticker: QLTY). The actively managed solution invests in US companies with an established track records and strong fundamentals that can outgrow average companies over time. QLTY’s disciplined approach uses both quantitative and fundamental techniques to assess the relative quality and valuation of US-domiciled companies.

Amplify ETFs launched the Amplify Samsung SOFR ETF (Ticker: SOF) in partnership with Samsung Asset Management. The actively managed solution aims to deliver the monthly income and total return of the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR). It is designed to deliver higher monthly yield potential and total return over cash without materially increasing duration risk. Samsung AM serves as the sub-adviser.

SoFi launched the SoFi Enhanced Yield ETF (Ticker: THTA). The fund seeks to generate income by combining a strategy of holding short-duration U.S. Treasuries with a “credit spread” option strategy to generate enhanced yield.

21Shares and ARK Invest launch five actively managed Digital Asset ETFs.

ARK 21Shares Active Bitcoin Futures Strategy ETF (Ticker: ARKA): Targets 100 per cent exposure to bitcoin (BTC), the largest digital asset by market cap, through investment in bitcoin futures. ARKA aims to outperform BTC by actively rolling its futures contracts.

ARK 21Shares Active On-Chain Bitcoin Strategy ETF (Ticker: ARKC): Uses on-chain and traditional quantitative models to dynamically allocate across BTC futures and cash equivalents depending on the prevailing trend of the bitcoin market (bullish or bearish).

ARK 21Shares Blockchain and Digital Economy Innovation ETF (Ticker: ARKD): One of the first actively managed ETFs to invest in both bitcoin futures and public equities of blockchain, digital asset, tech and fintech companies, providing holistic exposure to the growth of blockchain technology. The Fund focuses on the most promising opportunities, constructing a concentrated, high-conviction portfolio of equities.

ARK 21Shares Active Ethereum Futures Strategy ETF (Ticker: ARKZ): Targets 100 per cent exposure to ether (ETH), the second-largest digital asset by market cap – and the foundation for Decentralised Finance (“DeFi”) – through investment in ether futures. ARKZ aims to outperform ETH by actively rolling its futures contracts.

ARK 21Shares Active Bitcoin Ethereum Strategy ETF (Ticker: ARKY): Dynamically allocates across both BTC and ETH futures, exploiting historical pricing relationships and fundamental analysis to try to outperform the returns from simply holding BTC over a market cycle.

Xtrackers ETFs launched the Xtrackers US National Critical Technologies ETF (Ticker: CRTC), a solution that provides investors with exposure to large and mid-cap companies that support critical emerging technologies across the US and its allies.  The companies selected are chosen for their association with one of 14 critical technology areas established by the Department of Defence. 

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