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US ETF launches from 7th to 14th March, 2024

10 new ETF offerings were launched for the week, each with a distinct value proposition for investors.  Detailed below are the respective launches from each asset manager.

Cullen Capital Management launched the launch of the Cullen Enhanced Equity Income ETF (Ticker: DIVP). The fund will focus primarily on the stocks on companies that have grown their dividend over time. The fund will hold between 30 to 40 large-cap stocks that have a high dividend yield, while strategically implementing covered call options on roughly 25 per cent-40 per cent of the fund’s portfolio. By combining covered call premiums with equity dividends, DIVP offers a unique methodology for reaching higher income potential.

Defiance ETFs launched the Defiance S&P 500 Target Income ETF (Ticker: SPYT). The fund is actively managed and is centered on investing in S&P 500 ETFs while simultaneously executing daily credit call spreads on the prominent US large-cap index. This involves selling call options with strike prices at or near the money, while simultaneously purchasing call options above that strike price.

Roundhill Investments launched two ETFs, the Roundhill S&P 500 0DTE Covered Call Strategy ETF (Ticker: XDTE) and Roundhill N-100 0DTE Covered Call Strategy ETF (Ticker: QDTE). Both XDTE and QDTE sell zero-days-to-expiration (0DTE) covered call options. These expire within the same trading day.

XDTE’s priority is to provide weekly current income along with exposure to the S&P 500 Index’s price return, by buying and selling covered call options that use the index as a reference asset. QDTE implements the same strategy but with options tied to the Nasdaq-100 Index.

Monarch Funds launches four ETFs:

Monarch Dividend Plus Index (Ticker: MDPL), which tracks an equal weighted index of domestic stocks selected from the Russell 1000 index that are paying out dividends and expected to increase those payments.

Monarch Select Subsector Index (Ticker: MSSS), which rotates its exposure to sectors and subsectors based on the economic cycle to hold other ETFs that are expected to do well given their historical performance.

Monarch Volume Factor Dividend Tree Index (Ticker: MVFD), which invests in U.S. equities from the Russell 3000, selecting 40 stocks based on their cash flow and ability to pay dividends, according to the prospectus. However, the fund can rotate into five short-term Treasury ETFs if cash flows trend into negative territory.

Monarch Volume Factor Global Unconstrained ETF (Ticker: MCFG), which invests in 25 other mainly global ETFs that exhibit positive cash flow. It switches to Treasury ETF exposures when cash flow trends turn negative. Leveraged and inverse ETFs are excluded from consideration.

Direxion launched an inverse and leveraged ETF, the Direxion Daily Concentrated Qs Bear 1X Shares and (Ticker: QQQD) and Direxion Daily Concentrated Qs Bull 2X Shares (Ticker: QQQU), respectively. The former seeks daily inverse investment results of the Indxx Front of the Q Index, while the latter will provide twice the daily leveraged investment results of the same index.

Indxx Front of the Q Index is designed to track the performance of the seven largest listed companies, colloquially referred to as the “Magnificent Seven.”

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