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US ETF launches from 7th September to 14th September, 2023

Nine new ETF offerings were launched for the week, each with a distinct value proposition for investors.  Detailed below are the respective launches from each asset manager.

KraneShares and Rockefeller Asset Management have partnered to launch the KraneShares Rockefeller Ocean Engagement ETF (Ticker: KSEA). The ETF will invest in public companies with significant impact on oceans and ocean resources, reflecting the meaningful investment opportunities within the blue economy. 

The fund aims to generate competitive returns and improve ocean health through shareholder engagement activity focused on pollution prevention, carbon transition, and ocean conservation. The investment strategy will focus on companies from diverse sectors including aquaculture, commercial fishing, waste management, renewable energy, and logistics.

State Street Global Advisors launched the SPDR Portfolio S&P Sector Neutral Dividend ETF (Ticker: SPDG). The ETF is designed to track the total return performance of the S&P Sector-Neutral High Yield Dividend Aristocrats Index.

The ETF is designed for income-oriented buy-and-hold investors seeking a low-cost, core dividend solution. It will include companies that have increased or maintained dividend payments every year for at least seven consecutive years. Additionally, it seeks to mitigate the effect sector biases can have on the relative returns of dividend strategies versus broader equity markets.

YieldMax launched the YieldMax JPM Option Income Strategy ETF (Ticker: JPMO). The actively managed fund seeks to generate monthly income by selling/writing call options on JPMorgan Chase & Co. Corp.

Amplify ETFs launched the Amplify Cash Flow Dividend Leaders ETF (Ticker: COWS). The ETF will invest in US companies with high free cash flow yield and dividend growth aimed to provide long-term capital appreciation and monthly income distributions. The ETF seeks investment results that generally correspond to the Kelly U.S. Cash Flow Dividend Leaders Index.

Direxion launched the Direxion Daily NVDA Bull 1.5X Shares (Ticker: NVDU) or Direxion Daily NVDA Bear 1X Shares (Ticker: NVDD).  Through these ETFs, investors are able to gain enhanced exposure to the common stock of Nvidia Corporation. NVDU seeks 150% daily leveraged investment results on Nvidia’s stock, whereas NVDD seeks daily inverse investment results on stock’s performance. 

Harbor Capital Advisors launched the Harbor Multi-Asset Explorer ETF (Ticker: MAPP), an actively managed multi-asset solution tailored towards providing long-term total return while aiming to limit downside risk.

To achieve this objective, the solution invests in an underlying diversified portfolio of exchange traded funds, including other funds managed by Harbor, providing exposure to broad asset classes, such as equities, fixed income securities of any credit quality, real estate investment trusts, commodities, and cash and cash equivalents.

Global X ETFs launched the Global X Defence Tech ETF (Ticker: SHLD). The ETF will track the performance of the Global X Defence Tech Index; offering investors access to the latest developments in cutting-edge technologies that contribute to national defence.

Dimensional Fund Advisors launched the Dimensional US Core Equity 1 ETF (Ticker: DCOR), an actively managed solution designed to purchase a broad and diverse group of equity securities of U.S. companies. The ETF will provide moderately increased exposure to smaller capitalisation, lower relative prices, and higher profitability companies.

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