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US ETF launches from 26th October to 2nd November, 2023

13 new ETF offerings were launched for the week, each with a distinct value proposition for investors.  Detailed below are the respective launches from each asset manager.

First Trust launched four new ETFs

The FT Cboe Vest Laddered Moderate Buffer ETF (Ticker: BUFZ) is a “fund of funds” offering which invests in FT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Moderate Buffer ETFs that seek to provide a 15 per cent downside buffer, with upside potential to a predetermined cap over a one-year Target Outcome Period. 

First Trust Emerging Markets Human Flourishing ETF (Ticker: FTHF), will replicate the price and yield of the Emerging Markets Human Flourishing Index, which invests in companies from emerging markets that a “High Dignity Score”.

Both FT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Moderate Buffer ETF – October (Ticker: GOCT) and the FT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Enhance & Moderate Buffer ETF – October (Ticker: XOCT) offer exposure to the price performance of the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY). The former has an upside cap of 15.50 per cent and downside buffer of 15 per cent losses. Whereas the latter offers twice the upside performance of the reference asset up to a cap of 12.80 per cent and provides a downside buffer of 15 per cent losses.  

Defiance ETFs launched the Defiance R2000 Enhanced Options Income ETF (Ticker: IWMY), an actively managed put-write solution that uses daily options on the Russell 2000 Index to help augment income. The fund intends to pay any distributions on a monthly basis.

Goldman Sachs Asset Management launched two new ETFs, the Goldman Sachs S&P 500 Core Premium Income ETF (Ticker: GPIX) and Goldman Sachs Nasdaq-100 Core Premium Income ETF (Ticker: GPIQ). The former seeks to maintain style, capitalisation, and industry characteristics like the S&P 500 Index, while providing monthly income distributions at a relatively stable rate. Whereas the latter seeks to do the same, but for the Nasdaq-100 Index. 

The managers will sell call options on a varying percentage of the market value of the equities.

Kurv ETFs launched three single-stock ETFs, with synthetic covered call strategies. These solutions are:

Kurv Yield Premium Strategy Apple ETF (Ticker: AAPY), which seeks to generate monthly income via a synthetic covered call strategy on Apple (APPL).

Kurv Yield Premium Strategy Netflix ETF (Ticker: NFLP), which seeks to generate monthly income via a synthetic covered call strategy on Netflix (NFLX).

Kurv Yield Premium Strategy Tesla ETF (Ticker: TSLP) which seeks to generate monthly income via a synthetic covered call strategy on Tesla (TSLA).

BlackRock launched the BlackRock Large Cap Core ETF (Ticker: BLCR), an actively managed fund provides access to US large-cap equities and related derivatives, selecting investments with an eye to companies exhibiting attractive valuations.

DWS launched the Xtrackers USD High Yield BB-B ex Financials ETF (Ticker: BHYB), which tracks the ICE BofA BB-B Non-FNCL Non-Distressed US HY Constrained Index of domestically issued bonds drawn from the top tier of the high-yield space.

Innovator ETFs launched the Innovator International Developed Power Buffer ETF – November (Ticker: INOV), which tracks the return of the iShares MSCI EAFE ETF up to a predetermined cap, while buffering investors against the first 15 per cent of losses over the outcome period.

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