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US ETF Launches from 17th to 24th August, 2023

Twelve new ETF offerings were launched for the week, each with a distinct value proposition for investors.  Detailed below are the respective launches from each asset manager.

Global X launched two actively managed emerging market equity etfs, the Global X Brazil Active ETF and Global X India Active ETF. These single country ETFs will provide investors with access to two robust and emergent economies. As noted by the manager, Brazil’s economy boasts a skilled workforce, abundant natural resources, and a quickly growing consumer market, making it a compelling cyclical opportunity for investors.

Regarding India’s value proposition, the nation continues to benefit from favourable structural reforms, strong government spending, and low labour costs. With attractive demographics, a strong education system, and a democratic government, India represents a significant structural opportunity for investors.

Madison Investments launched the Madison Covered Call ETF. The solution focuses on mid- and large-cap companies thought to be selling at reasonable prices in relation to their long-term growth rates. The fund also utilises a covered call writing strategy to augment income generation.

Congress Asset Management launched two active equity growth ETFs,the Congress SMid Growth ETF and Congress Large Cap Growth ETF. The former will invest in a diversified portfolio of primarily small- and mid-cap stocks, while the latter will target large-cap companies.

Both funds will invest in companies capable of having strong earnings growth and reflect the firm’s bottom-up approach to research and stock selection.

GraniteShares launched four leveraged single-stock ETFs. These new ETFs build on the success of the new leveraged single stock category and previous launches from GraniteShares. The GraniteShares 1.75x Long TSLA Daily ETF and GraniteShares 1.5x Short TSLA Daily ETF provide the highest long and short leverage exposure, respectively, on the TESLA stock. The GraniteShares 1x Short AMD Daily ETF is the first short exposure AMD ETF, while the GraniteShares 1.5x Short NVDA Daily ETF provides the highest short leverage exposure on NVIDIA.

VanEck launched the VanEck CMCI Commodity Strategy ETF. This solution will track the performance of the UBS Constant Maturity Commodity Total Return Index, a diversified commodity index that allocates across maturities with the aim of minimising exposure to the front end of the futures curves and mitigating the impact of negative roll yield in contango environments.

SS&C ALPS Advisors launched the Level Four Large Cap Growth Active ETF. This actively managed solution will invest in high quality growth companies on the basis that they are trading at or below their intrinsic value. The fund’s strategy will primarily focus on large-capitalisation companies with an emphasis on firms that have a high return on capital, high-quality financial reporting, a strong management team and a powerful product, service or market position.

Roundhill Investments Launches Global Luxury ETF. This solution will mirror the performance of the S&P Global Luxury Index, which is comprised of 80 publicly traded companies engaged in the production or distribution of luxury goods or the provision of luxury services that meet specific investability requirements.

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