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US ETF launches from 16th to 23rd  May 2024

10 new ETF offerings were launched for the week, each with a distinct value proposition for investors. Detailed below are the respective launches from each asset manager.

Peerless Wealth launched the Peerless Option Income Wheel ETF (Ticker: WEEL), an actively managed solution that seeks to provide investors with current income. The fund’s strategy consists of two main components: firstly, investing in a range of sector-specific ETFs and, in some instances, individual securities, and secondly, implementing an “option wheel strategy.” The option wheel strategy focuses on writing options on the fund’s holdings in sector-based ETFs and individual securities. By systematically entering positions below current market levels through selling puts, the fund aims to decrease risk compared to direct sector ownership while capitalising on option premiums to enhance income from its sector-based ETF investments.

Virtus Investment Partners launched the Virtus AlphaSimplex Managed Futures ETF (Ticker: ASMF), an actively managed solution that seeks to provide capital appreciation consistent with the risk/return characteristics of a basket of the largest Managed Futures funds in the world, as measured by the SG CTA Index. The ETF takes a diversified approach to identifying price trends by combining index replication techniques with insights from AlphaSimplex’s own trend-following models. It takes positions in highly liquid futures contracts in 20 different assets across global equity, bond, currency, and commodity markets.

Collaborative Fund Advisors launched the Anydrus Advantage ETF (Ticker: NDOW). Subadvised by Retireful, this actively managed multi-asset fund invests in a mix of equity and fixed income securities as well as other ETFs with the intention of offering its shareholders capital appreciation and income. The fund uses quantitative approaches and in-house analysis to select its holdings.

Otter Creek Advisors launched the Otter Creek Focus Strategy ETF (Ticker: OCFS). This actively managed solution will prioritise equities of small and midcap companies listed within the United States. In identifying companies for inclusion within the portfolio, Otter Creek screens companies based on qualitative attributes, such as their competitive advantage, secular growth, management team capabilities, and above-average financial profile. The firm then applies quantitative screening using qualifiers, such as long-term earnings growth, cash flow, and return on capital.

In the final screening stage, the list of companies narrows based on growth outlook and internal rates of return. Otter Creek’s concentrated portfolio leaves room for about 20-35 small to midcap assets. Securities within the fund’s holdings will continue to be monitored to ensure optimal fund positioning.

J.P. Morgan Asset Management launched the JPMorgan Active Developing Markets Equity ETF (Ticker: JADE), an actively managed solution focused on emerging markets. JADE invests in various securities that are economically tied to emerging markets. This includes companies that have their primary place of business operating in an emerging market country or securities that trade principally in an emerging market.

Additionally, issuers that either accrued at least half of their revenues and profits from an emerging market or hold at least half of their assets in an emerging market may be considered. JADE’s portfolio may also contain companies or investment instruments that provide access to an emerging market country’s economic risks and rewards.

State Street Global Advisors added the SPDR Portfolio Treasury ETF (Ticker: SPTB), which will replicate the price and yield performance of the Bloomberg US Treasury Index. The Bloomberg US Treasury Index measures the US dollar-denominated, fixed-rate, nominal debt released through the US Treasury. In particular, this index is comprised of investment-grade US Treasury securities with a remaining maturity of one year or above. These securities must be fixed rate, not convertible, and denominated in US dollars.

YieldMax launched the YieldMax Gold Miners Option Income Strategy ETF (Ticker: GDXY), an actively managed strategy that seeks to generate monthly income by selling/writing call options on the VanEck Gold Miners ETF (Ticker: GDX). GDXY pursues a strategy that aims to harvest compelling yields while retaining capped participation in GDX’s price gains.

Amplify ETFs launched the Amplify Weight Loss Drug & Treatment ETF (Ticker: THNR), an index-based ETF offering access to companies that are leading the development and marketing of GLP-1 treatments.

THNR will track the VettaFi Weight Loss Drug & Treatment Index, an index composed of companies globally that are either manufacturers or enablers of the GLP-1 pharmaceutical industry. The index holds 70 per cent of its weight within manufacturers and about 30 per cent to enablers. To bolster exposure and balance, each segment has a weighted float-adjusted market cap.

Genter Capital Management launched two fixed-income ETFs, the Genter Capital Taxable Quality Intermediate ETF (Ticker: GENT) and the Genter Municipal Quality Intermediate ETF (Ticker: GENM).

GENT aims to provide investors with current income and limited risk to principal. The fund will invest in taxable investment-grade securities rated BBB or higher that have an intermediate duration. Investment options include US Treasuries, Treasury Inflation Protected Securities, Floating Rate Notes, and US agency bonds and agency mortgage-backed securities, among others.

GENM looks to give investors access to current income that is free from federal income tax by investing in municipal bonds. The credit rating focus of these bonds will be rated A or higher, though the fund may invest up to 30 per cent of assets in BBB-rated options. Even if the fund’s securities become downgraded below investment grade, GENM may still hold the option if the sub-advisor believes it would benefit the fund.

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