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US ETF launches from 14th to 21st September, 2023

There were 18 new ETF offerings launched this week, each with a distinct value proposition for investors.  Detailed below are the respective launches from each asset manager.

BlackRock has launched five iShares ETFs that invest in U.S. Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) of varying maturities. Investors can use the TIPS funds to seek inflation protection, build a bond ladder, and manage interest rate risk.

The funds are iShares iBonds Oct 2024 Term TIPS ETF (Ticker: IBIA), iShares iBonds Oct 2025 Term TIPS ETF (Ticker: IBIB), iShares iBonds Oct 2026 Term TIPS ETF (Ticker: IBIC), iShares iBonds Oct 2027 Term TIPS ETF (Ticker: IBID), and iShares iBonds Oct 2028 Term TIPS ETF (Ticker: IBIE).

Bahl & Gaynor launched the Bahl & Gaynor Income Growth ETF (Ticker: BGIG). The actively managed ETF invests primarily in dividend-paying U.S.-listed equity securities of large-cap companies.

J.P. Morgan Asset Management launched two actively managed ETFs. The JPMorgan Global Select Equity ETF (Ticker: JGLO) focuses on developed markets and invests in stocks with compelling valuations, above-average free cash flow, and the potential for consistent earnings growth. Conversely, the JPMorgan International Value ETF (Ticker: JIVE) invests in companies outside the U.S. that have what the prospectus terms “attractive valuations.”

Defiance ETFs launched two zero-day to expiry options ETF. The Defiance Nasdaq-100 Enhanced Option Income ETF (Ticker: QQQY) applies an options strategy to the Nasdaq-100 that allows some participation in the index’s upside performance and provides income. Similarly, the Defiance S&P 500 Enhanced Option Income ETF (Ticker: JEPY) looks to generate outsized monthly distributions by selling option premiums on a daily basis.

Zero days to expiry (0DTE) options are contracts that have less than a day before expiring, though they may have been listed days, weeks or months ago. The contracts could be tied to the price of indexes, exchange traded funds (ETFs) or single stocks.

Bushido Capital launched the Bushido Capital U.S. Equity ETF (Ticker: SMRI). The actively managed portfolio to identify and invest in companies that have high free cash flow generation, strong returns on capital over full economic cycles, and management teams with track records of shareholder friendly capital allocation decisions.

First Trust launched the FT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Buffer & Premium Income ETF (Ticker: XISE). The fund is an actively managed ETF that seeks to provide investors with a consistent level of income that, when annualised, is approximately 8.19 per cent while providing a buffer against the first 10 per cent of the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust losses over the one-year Target Outcome Period.

BondBloxx Investment Management launched the BondBloxx USD High Yield Bond Sector Rotation ETF (Ticker: HYSA). The active ETF offers access to a high yield bond sector rotation strategy. Macquarie Asset Management is the fund’s subadvisor, building on its partnership with BondBloxx announced earlier this year.

YieldMax launched the YieldMax AMD Option Income Strategy ETF (Ticker: AMDY). The fund seeks to generate monthly income via a synthetic covered call strategy on Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

Krane Funds Advisors, LLC launched the KraneShares Global Luxury Index ETF (Ticker: KLXY). The fund provides investors with exposure to the world’s top luxury companies by market capitalisation across an array of luxury-related sectors such as leather goods, jewelry, accessories, skincare, cosmetics, beverages, travel, and supercar businesses. The fund will track the Solactive Global Luxury Select USD Index.

AllianceBernstein launched the AB US Large Cap Strategic Equities ETF (Ticker: LRGC). The actively managed ETF uses a research-driven stock selection process to identify large-cap US stocks with strong company fundamentals.

Amplify ETFs launched the Amplify Cash Flow High Income ETF (Ticker: HCOW). The actively managed ETF seeks to provide high monthly income through the ownership of dividend-paying companies with high free cash flow yield combined with a call income strategy.

Subversive Capital Advisor launched the Subversive Cannabis ETF (Ticker: LGLZ). The ETF seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing at least 80 per cent of its assets in securities of companies that are directly involved in the global cannabis sector, including but not limited to, US operating companies.

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