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Trackinsight ETF data for 29th April to 3rd May, 2024

LabelZoneweek_fromweek_to% returnLS 1x NIO Tracker ETP – USDEurope2024-04-29T00:00:00Z2024-05-03T00:00:00Z0.240500042721601112621Shares Optimism ETPEurope2024-04-29T00:00:00Z2024-05-03T00:00:00Z0.222158551915282829Global X Marijuana Life Sciences Index ETF – CADCanada2024-04-29T00:00:00Z2024-04-30T00:00:00Z0.1381091155059711609LS 1x Plug Power Tracker ETP – USDEurope2024-04-29T00:00:00Z2024-05-03T00:00:00Z0.1368964898455367672SG ETC Natural Gas Future – EUREurope2024-04-29T00:00:00Z2024-05-03T00:00:00Z0.115064149226461976United States Natural Gas Fund – USDUnited States2024-04-29T00:00:00Z2024-05-03T00:00:00Z0.114672364754129168Roundhill Cannabis ETF – USDUnited States2024-04-29T00:00:00Z2024-05-03T00:00:00Z0.1060310344153905979Phillip HK Newly Listed Equities Index ETF – HKDAPAC2024-04-29T00:00:00Z2024-05-03T00:00:00Z0.1060132102372033205Amplify ETF TR Seymour Cannabis – USDUnited States2024-04-29T00:00:00Z2024-05-03T00:00:00Z0.1036608032992574687AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF – USDUnited States2024-04-29T00:00:00Z2024-05-03T00:00:00Z0.1028571428970823895

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