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Top Performing Leveraged/Inverse ETFs: 01/14/2024

These were last week’s top-performing leveraged and inverse ETFs. Note that because of leverage, these kinds of funds can move quickly. Always do your homework.

1. NVDL – GraniteShares 1.5x Long NVDA Daily ETF

NVDL, which provides 1.5x leveraged exposure to the daily price movement for shares of NVIDIA stock, topped the list with 17%+ returns last week on strong momentum in the AI space and rising demand for chips amid leading EV manufacturers partnering with the leading maker of artificial intelligence chips.

2. UCYB – ProShares Ultra Nasdaq Cybersecurity ETF

UCYB provides daily 2x leveraged exposure to an index that targets companies engaged in the global cybersecurity industry and was one of the top-performing levered ETFs, gaining more than 15% in the last week. Cybersecurity stocks gained on the back of increasing dependence on digital technology and the need to protect data and networks from digital attacks both in the personal and professional space.

3. UBOT – Direxion Daily Robotics, Artificial Intelligence & Automation Index Bull 2X Shares

UBOT, which offers 2x daily leveraged exposure to an index of robotics and artificial intelligence companies from developed nations, featured on the list with over 14% weekly gains with rising investor interest in artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation.

4. BULZ – MicroSectors Solactive FANG & Innovation 3X Leveraged ETN

The BULZ ETF was one of the best-performing levered ETFs with around 14% returns. The ETF focuses on top technology companies domiciled in the U.S. The technology sector gained on falling Treasury yields. I.T. was the best-performing sector, with around 2.4% returns in the last five days.

5. WEBL – Direxion Daily Dow Jones Internet Bull 3X Shares

WEBL, providing 3x leveraged daily exposure to an index of the largest U.S. internet companies, was present on the list with ~13.6% returns in the last week as internet stocks got a boost from strong performance in the technology sector. Technology was the best-performing sector in the last five days.

6. TECL – Direxion Daily Technology Bull 3X Shares

The TECL ETF was another technology-focused ETF on the list of top-performing levered ETFs, returning nearly 13% as the technology sector gained by ~2.4% and was the best-performing sector last week.

7. CLDL – Direxion Daily Cloud Computing Bull 2X Shares

Direxion Daily Cloud Computing Bull 2X Shares that seek daily investment results of 200% of the performance of the Indxx USA Cloud Computing Index, also featured on the list with ~12% weekly gains driven by rising demand for cloud computing amid growing reliance on remote access.

8. FNGU – MicroSectors FANG+™ Index 3X Leveraged ETN

FNGU was also on the list of top-performing levered ETFs with over ~12% weekly returns. The fund offers exposure to five core technology companies – Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Alphabet Inc., as well as five other technology growth stocks, including Alibaba, Baidu, NVIDIA, Tesla, and Twitter. Technology stocks increased last week amid higher-than-expected inflation data and stronger labor data, which could delay early rate cuts by the Fed.

9. USD – ProShares Ultra Semiconductors

USD, which provides leveraged exposure to the U.S. Semiconductors stocks, also featured on this week’s list with over 12% weekly gains as the semiconductor segment gained by ~4% in the last five days.

10. BNKD – MicroSectors U.S. Big Banks Index -3X Inverse Leveraged ETNs

BNKD which tracks three times the inverse performance of an equal-weighted index of US large banks featured on the top-performing inverse ETFs list. The Financial sector lost over 1.7%, with the commercial banking segment declining by more than 4% in the last week on mixed earnings from Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

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