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This Week in ETFs: One Very Busy Day Sees 19 New Funds

It would have been a pretty quiet week in terms of new ETFs, except for Thursday, October 19. That was the day that saw 19 fund launches, possibly the most ETF rollouts in one day that the industry has ever seen. That Thursday barrage of funds included the debut of the only existing target date ETFs, which were launched by iShares, and five actively managed ETFs from Morgan Stanley. Neuberger Berman and Core Values Alpha also launched actively managed equity ETFs during the week.

Hartford Funds launched the Hartford Quality Value ETF (QUVU) on Monday. The fund is actively managed and focuses on U.S. equities demonstrating quality and value characteristics as well as a history of paying dividends. QUVU’s methodology also incorporates ESG criteria into its selection process. The fund comes with an expense ratio of 0.45% and lists on Cboe Global Markets.

Additional New ETFs

The 19 new ETFs that debuted on Thursday include four ETFs launched under the T-REX brand, which is a partnership between Rex Shares and Tuttle Capital Management. The new family of funds offers leveraged and inverse exposure to the performance of popular stocks. The four funds that launched this week are tied to the stock of Nvidia and Tesla and are as follows:

The two Tesla-linked funds list on the Nvidia-linked funds list on the Nasdaq stock market. All four ETFs have expense ratios of 1.05%.

Completed Closures

Closures also had a strong showing during the week, with 11 ETFs ceasing to trade and another 18 announced. The 11 completed closures include the following:

Future Closures

Credit Suisse expects the Credit Suisse S&P MLP Index ETN (MLPO) to trade until the market close on November 7. Meanwhile, Global X will close four of its funds, which will cease to trade after the market close on November 10. Those funds are as follows:

The ETC Gavekal Asia Pacific Government Bond ETF (AGOV) and the Cabana Target Drawdown 5 ETF (TDSA) will both no longer trade after November 15.

IndexIQ will close five of its ETFs, with their last trading day set for December 12. Those funds include the following:

Six target date maturity bond ETFs will reach their maturities and cease to trade after the market close on December 15 — three from iShares and three from Invesco. Those funds are as follows:

Other Changes

Several ETFs have seen or will see material changes. The three Engine No. 1 ETFs will change their names  but retain their tickers after the issuer’s acquisition by the TCW Group. The rebranded funds are as follows:

Looking ahead, the DriveWealth ICE 100 Index ETF (CETF) will change its name to the Drive Wealth NYSE 100 Index ETF and its index from the DriveWealth ICE 100 Index to the NYSE 100 Index as of November 3.

Later, the iShares North American Tech-Multimedia Networking ETF (IGN) will undergo a major renovation as of December 15. The fund’s name and ticker will change to the iShares U.S. Digital Infrastructure and Real Estate ETF (DIGI), and its index will change from the S&P North American Technology Multimedia Networking Index to the S&P Data Center, Tower REIT and Communications Equipment Index.

And next year, as of January 18, the IQ UltraShort Duration ETF (ULTR) will change its name to the IQ MacKay Ultra Short Duration ETF.

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