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The Upside in Equal-Weight ETF SDOG

When investors think of an equal-weight ETF, they may initially think of their defensive qualities. In this top-heavy U.S. market environment, adding diversification away from concentration risk does appeal, of course. Yet it sometimes obfuscates the upside found in an equal-weight strategy. That may prompt investors to take a second look at the opportunities presented in the ALPS Sector Dividend Dogs ETF (SDOG).

To be clear, SDOG doesn’t just equal-weight its holdings. The strategy, via its S-Network Sector Dividend Dogs Index, also equal-weights overall sectors. Taken together, SDOG allocates to 10 different sectors, from tech to finance and many others in between. Its caps don’t just have defensive or upside-oriented intentions, either. Strategies that lean on dividends can sometimes end up with a larger utilities or financials weight than makes sense, but the equal-weight-ETF approach limits that.

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Where, then, is the upside in such a strategy? Well, by spreading out one’s investment across 10 different sectors via a strategy like SDOG, the ETF can benefit from unlikely winners. If, say, financials were to suddenly spike due to a new development in digital payments or wallets — like a wildly popular new cryptocurrency that hits the mainstream — certain stocks might benefit.

SDOG’s Equal-Weight-ETF Approach

At the same time, if consumer spending spikes this holiday season more than anticipated, SDOG could benefit if it has a higher weight toward the space than most other indexed ETFs. Even more intriguingly, if two sectors experience a synergistic spike that benefits them both, SDOG’s equal allocations could ride both positive trends.

SDOG charges a 36 basis point (bps) fee to invest in its index. While it has dipped somewhat recently, it remains a strong long-term option, returning 11.4% over the last three years. For investors looking for an interesting spin on an equal-weight ETF, SDOG may be worth watching.

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