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The power of connecting live

Live, in person events are more than just back. They are thriving. As business returns to normal, asset managers have more reason than ever to take advantage of the opportunities that conferences and other live events offer.

VettaFi CMO Jon Fee speaks to ETF issuers daily and understands the importance of live events. Here are the four big reasons that asset managers should sponsor Exchange according to Fee.

Jump Start Your Annual Plan

It is rare to have so many people from one industry all at the same place at the same time. Though opportunities for fun abound, conferences are supremely useful vehicles for progressing sales goals.

Beyond just meeting with your ecosystem partners, conferences can be an ideal venue to get a significant number of client meetings in one fell swoop.

“The number one challenge I have is getting in front of clients. At Exchange, I can get in front of existing clients and meet new prospects more easily than travelling for a month,” said a 2023 sponsor.

Exchange is the perfect venue to conduct critical business and move things forward with the financial advisor segment. 

Brain plasticity

Travel creates brain plasticity. When brains are engaged in activities outside of their typical routine, neurons are more open to making different connections. Accordingly, when we travel or get outside of our normal routines, we’re more open to new ideas or finding different approaches to problem-solving.

“I attend conferences like Exchange to take a pause, get out of the office, and focus intentionally on practice innovation,” said Autumn Soltysiak CFP®, Partner and Wealth Management Advisor at & Wealth Management.

If there are deals or ideas that have been stuck in a rut, trying to make them happen in a different circumstance could yield a different result.

Get your brand in front of a captive audience

A conference is the ultimate canvas for branding – and if they take place early in the year, like Exchange, they can be an excellent opportunity to kick-start your annual marketing and distribution campaigns directly to your target audience.

As a complement to your broader marketing strategy, marketers can bring their brand to life with custom, curated experiences at a live event. They provide asset managers with an opportunity to be creative with swag and they are a great tactic to get your products and ideas in front of a captive audience.

Key financial publications and media outlets come to conferences in droves, which provides opportunities to secure features of your spokespeople and thought leaders – rounding out your marketing campaign with earned media. ETF issuers can amplify messages through media partners and extend your message further than just the conference itself.

Touch base with your ecosystem partners

Online meetings have become the norm. Though a lot can be accomplished online, in-person meetings offer different opportunities and have perks that Zoom or Teams calls can’t replicate.

A conference provides an opportunity for asset managers to touch base, in-person, with all of their ecosystem partners – from market makers and index providers to listing exchanges and data platforms. So much goes into a product at every stage of development. Conferences are the perfect venue to explore new potential partners or revisit existing partnerships.

An asset manager and sponsor of Exchange 2023, noted, “I get more meetings and business done in two and a half days at Exchange than in two months back in my NY office!”

In-person conferences are a highly efficient option to hold partner meetings at scale. 

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