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San Diego's EQM launches ETF model portfolio platform

San Diego-based RIA firm EQM Capital LLC has announced the launch of a new ETF Model Portfolio Solutions platform for investment advisers, wealth managers, and individual investors.

The firm writes that expanding on its position as a thought leader in the financial services and ETF industry, EQM Capital is launching a suite of Asset-Based and Risk-Based ETF models. While there are a host of ETF issuers with their own ETF Model Solutions, EQM’s approach is unique in that it is “provider agnostic,” focused instead on a “best of breed” solution to optimally serve the investment needs of advisers and individual investors, the firm says.

EQM’s Asset-Based models provide the modular building blocks for an asset allocation strategy. EQM’s Risk-Based models offer a turnkey, multi-asset approach, aligned with client’s risk objectives.

EQM Capital uses a proprietary process to clearly identify the most qualified ETF’s suitable for inclusion in their ETF models. Informed by EQM’s macro viewpoint, the ETF universe is quantitatively screened on a variety of factors and the ETF Models are optimised and aligned on a risk-reward basis. EQM Capital’s client risk assessments are powered by Riskalyze and also align with Riskalyze Risk Numbers.

“We are excited to share our ETF modeling expertise by offering both modular and turn-key solutions to help advisors and individual investors better utilize exchange-traded funds to meet their investment goals,” says EQM Capital’s founder and CEO Jane Edmondson. “Our ETF Model Portfolio Solutions platform builds on EQM’s unique leadership position in the industry as an ETF advisor and index developer, to serve an unmet need in the investment marketplace.”

Many advisers and investors may already be familiar with some of the successful products EQM Indexes helped develop and launch in the U.S. such as Online Retail, Blockchain, Lithium & Battery Technology and now in Europe with Global Online Retail and Solar Energy. This new business offering will expand access and distribution for those products and other great ETF products in the marketplace.

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