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Osprey launches Osprey Alpha

Osprey Funds, LLC has established Osprey Alpha, to offer actively managed funds for institutions and high-net-worth investors. Osprey Alpha is slated to launch its inaugural product, the Osprey NFT Fund, in early 2022.

“We’re in business to provide investors with exposure to the most exciting segments of the digital asset ecosystem,” says Greg King, CEO of Osprey Funds. “With Osprey Alpha, we will focus on the development and rollout of several unique, actively-managed strategies for sophisticated investors beginning with our NFT product.”

To manage the NFT fund, Osprey has hired former Stocktwits executive and early NFT collector, Justin Paterno, as Managing Director and NFT Fund PM. In this role, Justin will design and implement the NFT fund investment strategy.

“I see similarities between NFTs now and the early days of Web 2.0. Communities and networks have always been a major driver of value on the web — which increasingly defines culture.” says Paterno. “NFTs allow communities to own the cultural capital they create. There is immense growth potential here.”

In addition to adding Paterno to the team, Ashley Levin joins as Managing Director of Corporate Strategy to support business growth and expansion. Aga Kuplinska also joins the team from Invesco as Senior Vice President of Product Development, where she will develop and pioneer new product initiatives.

The Osprey NFT Fund is a digital asset investment product that will join several products already available for private placement, including the Osprey Algorand Trust, the Osprey Polygon Trust and the Osprey Solana Trust.

Osprey Funds also offers the Osprey Bitcoin Trust (OBTC), which it describes as the lowest-cost publicly traded bitcoin fund in the US.

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