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OOTO: Could Travel Stocks Become Red Hot This Summer?

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Summer may not have officially kicked off yet but that hasn’t stopped Americans from travelling like the season has already arrived. Case in point: The Thursday before Memorial Day saw U.S. airports experience their second-busiest day in history. The roads were packed as well—AAA figured that around 38.4 million people planned to take road trips over the long weekend (CNN).

If this level of activity is a harbinger for the summer itself, the travel industry looks set to have a bumper season. From cruise lines to hotels to booking websites, more travel equals more revenue. Backing the idea of a strong travel season is an analysis from Bank of America Institute. The bank’s card data reveals promising trends for the next few months, and its consumer study suggests 72% of people will end up travelling, with 36% saying a trip has already been planned (CNN).

And at a time when the market only seems to care about artificial intelligence (AI), might travel stocks be set to heat up in coming weeks?

The sector has lagged the broader market lately. In fact, as the following chart shows, the BlueStar® Travel and Vacation Index* peaked at the start of April and has subsequently pulled back over 7%. This Index is comprised of U.S.-listed companies involved in the travel and leisure sector.

Source: www.marketvector.com, June 5, 2024.

The performance data quoted represents past performance. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Royal Caribbean Has Cruised to New Highs

Even though travel stocks have lagged the market in the last two months, they’re firmly in the green for the year—a sign, perhaps, that the U.S. consumer’s staying power has been underestimated.

For example, how bad can the economy be if Royal Caribbean (Ticker: RCL), which accounts for nearly 4% of the BlueStar® Travel and Vacation Index, is at a record high? Traders should keep an eye on the company’s second quarter earnings, set to be released on July 25. The giant cruise line broke out to a new all-time high on June 4, eclipsing its pre-COVID peak.

RCL earned $1.77 a share in the first quarter, blowing away analyst expectations for $1.33. The cruise line isn’t just benefitting from a healthy overall travel sector—it launched Icon of the Seas this year, the largest passenger ship in the world (20 decks, carrying well over 5,000 passengers).

Hilton Might Have Staying Power

Anyone who’s travelling needs a place to stay which is great news for hotel chains like Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. (Ticker: HLT). The company will release its second quarter earnings on July 24. As with RCL, HLT beat forecasts for the first quarter, reporting $1.53 a share vs. the consensus of $1.41. If the hotel giant makes it two beats in a row, travel shares may get a lift. Hilton represents 5.5% of the Index.

Macro Data Could Sway Travel Equities

While company results are important the impact of economic data on travel stocks can’t be ignored. In this regard, traders should monitor May’s retail sales report on June 18 to see if the consumer is hanging in there. April’s print came in flat month. Travel sector bulls will be crossing their fingers for a strong May number.

Bullish on Travel? Here’s How to Play It

Traders itching to turbocharge any gains in travel shares can access the Direxion Daily Travel & Vacation Bull 2X Shares (Ticker: OOTO). This leveraged ETF seeks daily results, before fees and expenses, equal to 200% of the performance of the BlueStar® Travel and Vacation Index.

Originally published 10 June 2024. 

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The BlueStar® Travel and Vacation Index (BTOURNTR) is provided by MV Index Solutions GmbH and is comprised of US-listed stocks, including depository receipts, of companies that are “Travel and Vacation” companies, as defined by the Index Provider.

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