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MFAM reboots to Motley Fool Asset Management with conversion to ETFs

Motley Fool Asset Management, an affiliate of The Motley Fool, has rebranded the business which supports over USD1.7 billion in assets in mutual funds and ETFs.

“We’re bringing ‘the Fool’ back,” says Kelsey Mowrey, President of Motley Fool Asset Management. “While Motley Fool Asset Management is a separate company, Motley Fool is an important part of our name as well as our history and culture.”

As part of the re-brand, Motley Fool Asset Management announces it will convert two mutual funds (Ticker: FOOLX/FOIIX and Ticker: TMFGX/FOGIX) into ETFs prior to year-end.

The mutual fund conversions, representing approximately USD1 billion in assets, will join Motley Fool Asset Management’s current ETF offerings alongside the Motley Fool 100 ETF (Ticker: TMFC), and the Small Cap Growth ETF (Ticker: MFMS).

All Motley Fool Asset Management Funds and ETFs are housed with The RBB Fund, Inc., whose service platform allows Motley Fool Asset Management to focus on managing the Funds’ investments.

 “Considering the current environment, ETFs are a more desirable and shareholder friendly structure,” says Arnold Reichman, Chairman of The RBB Fund, Inc. Board. “RBB is proud to assist Motley Fool Asset solutions, over the coming years.”

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