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GraniteShares single stock FTSE 100 leveraged and short ETPs deliver returns between +194.9 per cent and -86.5 per cent

New analysis from ETF provider GraniteShares, reveals that between 19 February and 11 March, when the world’s stock markets saw significant falls on concerns about the impact of the coronavirus, its 11 3x inverse and 11 3x leveraged FTSE 100 single stock exchange traded products (ETPs) delivered returns of between +194.9 per cent and -86.5 per cent. 

Six of the 11 inverse ETPs delivered returns of over 100 per cent during this period. The best performer was the 3x Glencore short ETP which delivered a return of +194.9 per cent, and the worst performer was the 3x Long BP ETP which fell by 86.5 per cent.

Will Rhind, Founder and CEO at GraniteShares, says: “It’s important to note that in situations of huge market volatility as we see today, investors can hedge against falls, and boost returns from any recovery.
“For the first time, our new leveraged and inverse ETPs enable sophisticated investors to take positions on both rising and falling share prices. They can also be used to hedge individual stock exposures, including those in index or fund holdings.”
“Those investors who positioned for a stock market correction through our inverse ETPs will have seen significant returns since the last week of February. And when the recovery comes, however far in the future that is, our leveraged ETPs will enable investors to capture momentum in individual stocks. Our analysis reveals that between the worst of SARs and Swine Flu and the recovery, the FTSE 100 grew by 22 per cent and 26 per cent respectively.”

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