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GraniteShares launches leveraged and short ETPs on EV equities

ETF issuer GraniteShares has continued on its European expansion path with the launch of six ETPs collateralised on equities focusing on the future of electric vehicles.

The electric vehicles (EV) theme has become central in discussions on climate change, the firm writes. GraniteShares now allows investors to take long and short positions and with leverage effects on manufacturers specialising in EV, such as Tesla and NIO, or who are gradually orienting their offer in this direction, like Volkswagen.

The firm writes that their products are designed to amplify the daily return of a benchmark, while benefiting from the advantages offered by an ETP, including continuous listing on a regulated market. 

The amplifying effect of these ETPs is obtained by a long coefficient of +3 or a negative coefficient (“short”) of -3, thus allowing sophisticated investors to express their bullish or bearish convictions on a specific value.

Benoit Autier, Co-Founder and COO of GraniteShares says: “Investments in electric vehicle manufacturers have garnered strong investor interest in recent years and reflects the speed at which global auto production is changing. We have chosen three manufacturers: Tesla and NIO which are specialised in the sector and Volkswagen which invests enormously to develop its offer.
“Investors can now express their view on these manufacturers by taking long or short positions through ETPs available in a traditional securities account. GraniteShares is the first company in the industry to provide such targeted exposures. Finally, it is essential for GraniteShares to extend access to its products to investors. Euronext is a privileged listing place for European investors and we are proud to have listed our products there.”

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