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Global ETF launches for 2nd to 9th December

This week turned out to be one enjoying something of a pre-Christmas and pre-New Year rush in terms of ETF launches around the world.

We had the usual dominance of ESG and crypto, with Defiance launching an  ETF based on NFTs and  WisdomTree expanding its crypto range. In terms of ESG, Invesco has launched a suite of ETFs combining strict ESG criteria with Paris-aligned climate objectives, while PGIM stepped into the market with a total return bond ETF and an ESG high yield product.

BNY Mellon Investment Management has added to its range with an active international equity ETF and WisdomTree went back to its roots with a broad commodities ETF. Most amusing ticker this week comes from VanEck with YUMY, an actively managed equity ETF that provides exposure to companies engaged in agri-food technology and innovation. And most intriguing comes from Roundhill and Solactive who offer us a MEME ETF, a social media-based strategy tapping into the growth of social media.

Global X ETFs expands its thematic growth line up in Europe with four UCITS ETFs

Invesco launches suite of ETFs that combines strict ESG criteria with Paris-aligned climate objectives

WisdomTree expands thematics UCITS range with BioRevolution ETF

Roundhill and Solactive launch MEME ETF

PGIM Investments launches total return bond ETF and ESG high yield mutual fund

BNY Mellon Investment Management launches active international equity ETF

WisdomTree launches a broad commodities UCITS ETF

WisdomTree US adds RWM WisdomTree Crypto Index to European crypto launches

YUMY launch from VanEck

Harbor Capital Advisors Inc launches the Harbor Disruptive Innovation ETF

Defiance launches the first ETF focused on NFTs

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