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Fostering innovation lies behind Tidal wins

Tidal Financial Group | Best ETF Platform | Best US White Label Platform

Why do you think you won this award?

In 2023 we have onboarded over 50 ETFs to our platform. Our commitment to our clients as fiduciary platform that helps issuers launch grow ETFs is unwavering. We pride ourselves on fostering innovation and supporting complex products that further the growth and expansion of the ETF industry.

What is the size and scale of your business at the moment?

Today, the Tidal platform services 116 ETFs and about USD8.5 billion in fund assets. We assist issuers with launching and growing ETFs through multiple holistic and/or ad-hoc service. Clients of the Tidal ETF platform can access:

• Strategic assessment & product planning;

• Trust & board management services;

• Fund management & operations;

• Regulatory & compliance services;

• Active portfolio management & trading execution services;

• Marketing & research services;

• Sales & distribution support services;

• Fund financing.

What trends have you seen over the past year?

We have seen two major trends impacting the ETF industry in the past year that we expect to continue:

Issuers are going active. Almost all the ideas we are seeing today are to launch a new active ETF or convert an existing active Mutual Fund/SMA to an ETF.

Products are becoming more complicated. There is a lot of interest in derivative based, long/short, options and commodities.

What plans do you have for growing your business over the coming year?

Our continued growth is dependent on great clients. We plan to invest in enhancing services through human capital and technology. This allows us to onboard holistically new clients while assisting our existing with AUM growth and new product development.

Where do you see the ETF industry going in terms of products over the coming year?

The ETF is simply a superior structure or wrapper for delivering investment management to investors than mutual funds and SMAs. This means we will continue to see rapid growth as industry, as new entrants join, incumbents convert, and investors continue to allocate. 

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