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Focusing on adviser education

VettaFi | Best ETF Research Provider

Todd Rosenbluth, head of research at VettaFi, answers the questions on their win in the ETF Express US Awards 2023.

Why do you think you won this award?

VettaFi’s focus is on adviser education about what’s inside an ETF, its underlying index, and the impact from the macroeconomy. Our team produces daily pieces on equity, fixed income, commodity, and cryptocurrency ETFs. We provide perspective on the differences between similar sounding ETFs and leverage proprietary data on investor sentiment and fund flows.

What is the size and scale of your business at the moment?

VettaFi was formed in mid-2022 and continues to expand. VettaFi initially brought four established ETF- and index-focused companies together: Alerian, ETF Database, ETF Trends, and S-Network Global Indexes. In 2023, VettaFi acquired the indexes from EQM Indexes and ROBO Global Indexes. We hosted more than 200 virtual events in the past year, and we also run the Exchange ETF conference, which next takes place in February 2024.

What trends have you seen over the past year?

The three biggest ETF trends this year have been focused on active management, fixed income, and thematic investing. Actively managed ETF supply and demand has skyrocketed. Advisor interest in these strategies has improved and leading asset managers have brought their best ideas to the ETF market. Fixed income ETF adoption has also occurred even with a spike in interest rates. While Treasuries were in vogue for much of the year, taking on credit risk has been rewarding. No look back at 2023 would be complete without talk about artificial intelligence, an emerging disruptive technology theme with a range of related ETFs.

What plans do you have for growing your business over the coming year?

In the second half of the year, VettaFi tested out broader asset category virtual events, focused on equities, fixed income and alternatives. These events brought 10-12 asset managers to educate advisers on subsegments of the market in short, conversational sessions. We expect to continue these in 2024 covering new topics to support adviser attention. In addition, we plan to focus our research further on thematic ETFs as we expect the need for education will be stronger.

Where do you see the ETF industry going in terms of products over the coming year?

We expect we will see more actively managed ETFs for investors to choose from, with heavyweights like Dimensional Funds, Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley among those with a growing suite. We also expect there will be spot bitcoin ETFs trading in the US. We think ETF investors will need to learn about crypto and crypto investors will need to learn about ETFs. The ETF industry remains healthy.

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