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ETF Stats – Food for Thought

ETF Stats – Food for Thought

newETFs.io‘s goal is to help (but not limited to) investors diversify, find alpha, and help advisors with their fiduciary duty by exposing to them “the other 10%” of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). This goal is a challenge considering that 90% of ETF assets under management (AUM) are owned by five ETF issuing companies. If you add 15 more ETF issuing companies to the list it will make up 98% of ETF AUM owned by 20 companies; keep in mind there are 123 ETF companies.

Here’s the breakout:

ETF Tier CategoryAum$Aum%
Top 2 $         2,564,455,500,00065%
Top 5 $         3,564,739,690,00090%
Top 10 $         3,771,919,400,00095%
Top 20 $         3,889,287,860,00098%
The Rest $               75,399,840,0002%
Total $         3,964,687,700,000100%
Raw data came from ETF.com League Tables and compiled and analyzed by newETFs.io

Let this data sink in for bit…only $75.4 Billion of the $3.964 Trillion of ETF AUM is managed by “The Rest”. Said differently 20 companies in the US manage $3.889 Trillion! Depending on what type of person you are reading this post: Individual Investor, Advisor, ETF Issuer, or someone considering making an ETF. I can only presume you all will have a list of different types of questions and/or concerns.

newETFs.io plans to publish this analysis on a monthly basis with the hopes of bringing to light the “the other 10%”. Stay tuned and visit back.

If you’re considering making an ETF reach out to us at info@newetfs.io. We have consultants to help you navigate through the rough waters of growing AUM in your ETF solution. We might be able to help.