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ETF Issuer League: State Street, WisdomTree Up

In this week’s edition of the ETF Issuer League, it’s State Street that has taken a big leap forward. The megafirm’s ETF AUM hit $1 trillion in total AUM via price and flows influence. In terms of flows, it added the most for the week, picking up $3.1 billion. It indicates continued, significant progress for the firm, joining fellow big three members Vanguard and BlackRock in the trillions.

The vast majority of the flows arrived, of course, into the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY). SPY has added $5 billion in just the last month in net inflows, despite outflows that limited it to just $1.4 billion over six months. While the firm may be vacillating around the $1 trillion ETF AUM range, it will look to solidify that position.

WisdomTree, meanwhile, once again laid claim to the strongest inflows title in the middle of ETF issuers ranked by AUM. The firm sits at $57.4 billion in ETF AUM, this week adding $356 million in net inflows. That sits just ahead of American Century’s $340 million for the week. That also positions the firm ahead of all other firms in the sub ~$100 billion ETF AUM range for the week.

Once again for WisdomTree, the WisdomTree Floating Rate Treasury Fund (USFR) led the way in inflows with $324 million arriving. USFR stands out as a strategy prepared for whichever rate environment the Fed can conjure. With its use of floating-rate notes (FRNs), the strategy offers strong yields right now through reliable government debt offerings.

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Rounding out the ETF Issuer League news, Simplify added $193 million despite holding just $1.8 billion in ETF AUM. Almost the entirety of those flows stems from the $140 million into the Simplify Short Term Treasury Futures Strategy ETF (TUA). Elsewhere, boutique shop Angel Oak Capital Advisors, LLC, with just $123 million in ETF AUM, added $30 million. That’s a 25% hike thanks to its Angel Oak UltraShort Income ETF (UYLD) launched in October.

IssuerAUM ($, mm)Net Flows ($, mm)
BlackRock Financial Management$2,386,033.76$2,957.63
State Street$1,005,950.36$3,172.42
Charles Schwab$289,685.38-$449.08
First Trust$140,676.34-$941.23
JPMorgan Chase$116,064.65$332.88
World Gold Council$63,772.38$3.47
Mirae Asset Global Investments Co., Ltd.$41,453.36$229.49
Goldman Sachs$29,714.19-$82.40
Rafferty Asset Management$29,696.81-$536.83
American Century Investments$25,741.51$339.54
Pacer Advisors$24,335.09-$26.88
Allianz Investment Management LLC$21,736.64$221.09
Northern Trust$20,699.23$24.68
Franklin Templeton$12,464.14$118.78
Capital Group$10,314.27$219.73
WisdomTree Investments, Inc.$7,906.44$3.67
Victory Capital$7,633.04-$17.75
Janus Henderson$7,340.23$125.34
Abrdn Plc$7,181.35-$9.62
BMO Financial Group$5,247.76$18.73
Exchange Traded Concepts$4,588.98-$27.41
Amplify Investments$4,400.27-$8.50
New York Life$4,204.25$39.58
The Hartford$4,192.17$57.14
Alpha Architect$4,039.57$46.65
BNY Mellon$3,307.30$5.69
Deutsche Bank$2,431.68$0.00
US Global Investors$1,972.49-$26.66
Aptus Capital Advisors$1,718.93-$0.47
Renaissance Health Service Corp.$1,706.27$16.56
Main Management$1,619.10$13.30
Power Corporation of Canada$1,598.85$9.88
Bondbloxx Investment Management LLC$1,565.17$32.45
Ameriprise Financial$1,491.44$13.64
Virtus Investment Partners$1,347.82-$2.21
Barclays Capital$1,323.32$22.48
Inspire Investing LLC$1,260.71$4.27
The Motley Fool$1,212.30-$1.76
Distillate Capital$1,112.14$1.47
T. Rowe Price Group, Inc.$1,109.61-$0.89
Rational Capital LLC$1,104.82-$3.54
Horizon Kinetics$1,079.91-$30.72
Davis Advisers$941.77-$0.00
Defiance ETFs$898.87$15.35
AXS Investments$845.60$19.75
Focus Financial Partners$842.37-$0.46
Timothy Plan$734.78-$2.91
iM Global Partner US LLC$733.65$2.02
Day Hagan Asset Management$729.72$161.23
Roundhill Investments$658.80-$1.44
Engine No. 1$599.75$1.03
Howard Capital Management$594.94$0.00
Advisors Asset Management$544.56$7.38
Doubleline ETF Adviser LP$520.09-$2.89
ClearShares LLC$467.50-$25.67
Anfield Group$466.82$0.57
Aptus Holdings LLC$446.31$1.23
Core Alternative Capital$415.03-$0.28
Liquid Strategies$396.97$0.00
FCF Advisors$380.72-$2.60
Morgan Stanley$337.50-$8.19
Neuberger Berman$318.24$0.58
Adaptive Investments$298.43-$0.24
Retireful LLC$278.12$0.00
Oneascent Holdings LLC$276.74$0.57
Cary Street Partners Financial LLC /VA/$240.72-$5.25
Matthews International Capital Management$230.57$0.54
Neos Investments LLC$225.05$22.79
Western & Southern Mutual Holding Co.$221.15-$4.14
Little Harbor Advisors$201.49$13.16
Truemark Group$197.65-$3.67
Impact Shares$196.41$0.03
Stf Management LP$181.70$8.95
Renaissance Capital$170.71$0.00
CI Financial$167.64$0.00
Volatility Shares LLC$162.94$6.11
Summit Global Investments, LLC$161.41$13.40
CornerCap Investment Counsel, Inc.$158.03$0.00
Kingsview Partners LLC$150.80-$2.34
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans$133.76$0.28
Intangible Capital$129.61$0.03
Humankind USA LLC$129.50$0.00
SRN Advisors$129.37-$3.09
Swan Global Investments$126.57$0.00
Angel Oak Capital Advisors, LLC$122.84$30.22
Paralel Technologies LLC$113.72$0.00
Federated Hermes, Inc.$110.98$1.43
Neil Azous Revocable Trust$110.18-$3.38
Soundwatch Capital LLC$107.36$0.00
IronHorse Holdings$106.50-$2.02
Baird Financial Group$105.69$0.02
Thor Trading Advisors LLC$102.98-$1.00
Arrow Funds$99.04$0.00
Absolute Investment Advisers LLC$95.11$0.71
Mcivy Co. LLC$94.44-$2.18
Toews Corp.$87.85$1.82
Natixis Global Asset Management$85.23$0.00
First Manhattan Co.$78.27$0.00
Inverdale Capital Management LLC$77.81$0.00
SEI Investments$75.50$1.29
Pettee Investors$73.06$0.10
Beyond Investing$71.29$0.00
Exponential ETFs$71.18$0.00
Panagram Structured Asset Management, LLC$70.67$0.00
AB Holding$67.26$0.00
Water Island Capital$66.82-$0.00
The Leuthold Group LLC$66.54$0.00
Alexis Investment Partners LLC$66.42$0.00
Capital Impact Advisors$65.61$0.00
Cohanzick Management$64.39$0.00
Clockwise Capital LLC$63.70$0.00
Q3 Asset Management Corp.$58.34$0.00
Formidable Asset Management$56.97-$0.62
Logan Capital Management Inc.$51.68$0.00
GeaSphere LLC$51.61-$0.51
Ridgeline Research LLC$51.57$3.35
Guinness Atkinson Asset Management$50.32$0.00
Client First Investment Management LLC$49.05$0.24
2nd Vote Value Investments, Inc$48.06$0.00
Cambiar Holdings$47.40$0.01
Goose Hollow Capital Management LLC$45.79$0.00
Hennessy Advisors$44.65$0.00
Valkyrie Funds LLC$43.08$0.00
Acquirers Funds$37.90$0.03
First Pacific Advisors LP$37.15$0.60
Applied Finance Group$33.59$0.68
Hull Investments LLC$30.96$0.01
GAMCO Investors, Inc.$30.29$0.00
Sheaff Brock Capital Management LLC$30.03$0.00
Highland Capital Management$26.24-$0.01
Faith Investor Services, LLC$26.16$1.42
DoubleLine Capital LP$26.15$0.00
Convergence Investment Partners, LLC$24.79$0.00
ASYMmetric ETFs$24.53-$1.30
Beacon Capital Management$24.30$2.55
AlphaMark Advisors$24.23$0.00
Cultivar Capital, Inc.$24.19$0.00
PMV Capital Advisers LLC$24.01-$0.00
Reflection Asset Management, LLC$23.97-$0.00
Alphatrai Funds, Inc.$20.56$0.00
Knights of Columbus$19.80$0.00
Point Bridge Capital$18.19-$0.96
Mairs & Power, Inc.$18.02$0.00
Build Asset Management LLC$17.75$0.00
Running Oak Capital LLC$15.64$10.96
Subversive Capital Advisor LLC$14.34$0.00
Dawn Global Topco Ltd.$13.72$0.00
Advocate Capital Management LLC$13.40-$0.70
WealthTrust Asset Management LLC$13.23$0.00
Democracy Investment Management LLC$11.99-$0.00
Changebridge Capital LLC$11.18$0.00
Tuttle Tactical Management, LLC$10.87-$0.60
The BAD Investment Company$10.44$0.76
Future Fund Advisors$9.70$0.00
Rcube SAS$7.88$0.00
Counterpoint Mutual Funds LLC$7.83$0.00
Spear Advisors LLC$7.66$0.00
Power Financial Corp.$6.36$0.00
Lyrical Partners$5.91$0.00
Tema Global Ltd.$5.44$0.00
Digital Currency Group, Inc.$5.35$0.00
VegTech LLC$5.26$0.00
V-Square Quantitative Management LLC$3.89$0.00
Kelly Intelligence LLC$3.74$0.00
Dynamic Shares LLC$3.63$0.00
Jacob Asset Management$2.94$0.00
Element ETFs LLC$2.69$0.00
Emerge Capital Management, Inc.$2.61$0.00
Hypatia Capital Advisors LLC$2.54$0.00
Distribution Cognizant LLC$2.27$0.00
Emles Advisors LLC$2.01$0.00
X-Square Capital$2.01$0.00
Bitwise Asset Management, Inc.$1.45-$0.00
Convexityshares, LLC$1.23$0.00
Grizzle Investment Management LLC$1.23$0.00
Kingsbarn Capital Management LLC$1.15$0.00
Inherent Wealth Fund LLC$0.93$0.00
Parabla, LLC$0.75$0.00
Tradelegs LLC$0.55$0.00
Sprott Asset Management$0.00$0.00
Calamos Family Partners$0.00$0.00
Driveadvisory LLC$0.00$0.00

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