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Digital asset manager CoinShares launches hedge fund division and expands into the US

Digital asset manager CoinShares International Limited has announced the launch of its hedge fund division, CoinShares Hedge Fund Solutions.

The firm writes that for the first time, CoinShares will be making its offerings accessible to qualified US investors through a range of private investment products, marking CoinShares’ expansion beyond its established European base. 

CoinShares writes that it is committed to becoming the premier destination for institutions in the digital assets realm. By offering a diverse range of products, across the spectrum of beta and alpha strategies with hybrids in between, CoinShares aims to cater to the unique needs of each institution, facilitating the creation of a well-rounded and optimised crypto portfolio. 

The company’s vision is to deliver a seamless, holistic experience, ensuring that its institutional clients have all the tools and insights they need to navigate the dynamic world of digital asset investments. 

CoinShares Capital LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CoinShares and a broker-dealer registered with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), will be conducting marketing activities to qualified investors in the United States in support of CoinShares Hedge Fund Solutions’ strategies and products.

The firm writes that this initiative marks a return to its roots. Originally beginning as the commodity hedge fund Global Advisors, it later founded the Global Advisors Bitcoin Investment Fund (GABI) in 2014, which operated until 2017. 

The firm writes that this also signals a progressive transformation for the Company that leverages the expertise acquired from its engagement in crypto markets, via its proprietary trading arm, since 2016. Equipped with these distinctive qualities, CoinShares  writes that it is perfectly positioned to deliver premium products that meet the due diligence requirements of institutional investors and are on par with the offerings of established financial institutions.

CoinShares has appointed Lewis Fellas as Head of CoinShares Hedge Fund Solutions, writing that Fellas is a seasoned asset manager with 23 years of industry experience (seven in digital assets) and brings with him a unique set of skills that will help to ensure the new division’s success. The new division will utilise CoinShares’ battle-tested expertise trading and quantitative teams.

CoinShares’ CEO, Jean-Marie Mognetti, says: “In a changing macro environment prominently marked by interest rates and inflation, the demand for actively managed exposure to digital assets is a natural progression. Backed by a decade-long legacy in the digital asset industry and a team with more than two decades in hedge funds, the new division signifies the latest step in CoinShares’ evolution. Our products focus on delivering a premium experience to our investors and we are delighted to enrich our long-only asset management offerings by returning to our core founding program.”

CoinShares Head of Hedge Fund Solutions, Lewis Fellas, says: “CoinShares inspired my move into crypto asset management in 2016, so being able to lead the new division within the firm and further pioneer the space is an honour. The design of our strategies reflects the team’s deep and practical knowledge of digital assets and showcases the firm’s ability to develop new products that meet the demands of institutional investors. The long-awaited return of interest rate-driven volatility is a great opportunity that we plan to capture with our novel fund products. Each product that will be offered is designed to mitigate counterparty risk whilst providing investors with clearly defined asset class and strategy exposures.”

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