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Defiance launches NextGen Food & Sustainability ETF (DIET)

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Defiance ETFs has launched The Defiance Next Gen Food and Agriculture ETF (NYSE: DIET), with an expense ratio of 0.30 per cent.The DIET ETF provides exposure to companies that are focused on technologies like alternative plant-based sources of meat, such as Beyond Meat (BYND), seed modification, sustainable farming and irrigation techniques.“One of the most important challenges facing the world right now is finding ways to massively increase global food supply in a way that also manages environmental impacts and meets the needs of an increasingly health-conscious consumer,” says Paul Dellaquila, President of Defiance ETFs.DIET offers investors liquid, transparent and low-cost access (0.30 per cent) to globally-listed stocks, across all market capitalisations, and tracks the BlueStar Food and Agriculture Sustainability Index. DIET joins an ETF family that also includes FIVG, the first 5G ETF; and QTUM, focused on the quantum computing and machine learning space.

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