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Calling all institutional investors, fund managers and wealth advisers

Opening Address

Panel 1 • Investing in ETFs

This panel will detail the growth of ETF industry and current trends globally; its robustness in the face of market volatility; and an examination of US ETF figures and split between the institutional and retail.

Nick Hooten, Head of Investment Solutions, QS Investors

Todd Rosenbluth, Head of ETF & Mutual Fund Research, CFRA

Rochelle Antoniewicz, Senior Director of Industry and Financial Analysis, Investment Company Institute

Beverly Chandler, Managing Editor, ETF Express (moderator).

Event Agenda

Three rich days on ETFs

Beverly Chandler, Managing Editor, ETF Express

20 October (all times in EST)

Issuer Presentation 1

Floor Opens – Dedicated Networking Time

ETFs offer a wealth of opportunities for the institutional investor, from smart beta, factor-based investment, to exposure to vanilla indices, to thematics such as ESG, medical marijuana, and AI — do ETFs offer a solution to all challenges that face the institutional investor when constructing their portfolios?

Dorrit Lowsen, CEO, Change Finance

Michael N. Loukas, CEO, TrueMark Investments

Panel 2 • Thematic Investing

Floor Opens – Dedicated Networking Time

This panel will discuss ease of trading; relative merits of exchange or platform trading; the RFQ process; transparency and liquidity.

Panel 3 • Accessing ETFs – what is the most efficient route to trade ETFs for the institutional investor?

Issuer Presentation 2

Institutional investors speak, detailing personal experiences of using ETFs, where they have worked in portfolios and where they haven’t.

Panel 4 • The Investor’s Perspective

Day 1 Concludes

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