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Calamos Investments Launches Sustainable Equities ETF

Calamos Investments, in collaboration with NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo, has announced the launch of the Calamos Antetokounmpo Global Sustainable Equities ETF (SROI) on NYSE ARCA. The fund is one that seeks to deliver long-term capital appreciation by investing in quality growth companies that employ ESG principles in their business model.

SROI is actively managed and utilizes a strategy that looks at both traditional financial indicators as well as nonfinancial indicators such as governance, climate risks, and working conditions of companies that can play a significant role in a company’s ability to offer financial performance over time. The fund’s management team has a long history with ESG and sustainability: it established and currently runs one of the oldest and longest running ESG processes in the U.S.

“We’re excited to be in the ETF marketplace with the listing of the Calamos Antetokounmpo Global Sustainable Equities ETF,” said Matt Kaufman, Head of ETFs at Calamos, in the press release. “We’re confident the partnership forged between Calamos and Giannis Antetokounmpo will allow for the greatest opportunity for societal return on investment on a global scale and will become a cornerstone for future growth in the ETF space at the firm.”

The fund will invest in developed and emerging market countries, with at least 40% of the fund invested in non-U.S. equities at any given time. It seeks to invest in above-average growth companies and screens for both financial and ESG qualities through its proprietary research process. The ESG screens include exclusionary filters, materiality assessments, and social and environmental impact scoring to determine “responsible, engaged companies” per the prospectus.

SROI will also donate a portion of its profits to charities chosen by the Board of Directors of the fund’s joint venture advisor, Calamos Antetokounmpo Asset Management LLC.

“The principles of family, community, and economic empowerment are tremendously important to the Antetokounmpo family,” Giannis Antetokounmpo said in the press release. “I’m excited to join with Calamos to bring an exchange traded fund to market that invests for growth, and to form a partnership that gives back to the community in a meaningful way.”

At launch, the fund’s top allocations include Apple at 3.03% weight, Microsoft at 2.88%, and Alphabet at 2.38%. SROI has an expense ratio of 0.95%.

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