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AI Investing in Renewable Energy Bears Fruit

So much of the market’s focus on the AI narrative has emphasized AI’s place in information technology firms. Chatbots like ChatGPT foretell a world of AI agents helping humans boost productivity, push creativity forward, and improve efficiency. That said, however, AI investing can also race the pace of technological discovery in industries like renewable technology.

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In such a frontline tech space, artificial intelligence can save time, helping researchers focus on the key questions. Highlighting AI investing’s role in renewables, a recent piece in NewScientist shared news that researchers at Microsoft (MSFT) used AI to design a battery that uses 70% less lithium than some other designs. A process that may have taken years, testing “millions of candidates,” instead took months thanks to AI. It also underscores the push AI has received at firms like MSFT.

That news reminds investors of an important idea behind AI investing: that AI can help solve the problems it poses. It’s no secret that AI hardware and software currently requires a great deal of rare resources and energy. Many chatbots and image generators use up significant amounts of electricity and water to operate. A world in which AI can help find ways to limit its resource and energy use can only benefit the overall case for artificial intelligence.

Investors can look to a few ETFs for funds targeting AI. The ROBO Global Artificial Intelligence ETF (THNQ) presents one option. The strategy tracks an index of firms working in AI tech and infrastructure to a sufficient degree for the index’s operators. Artificial intelligence ETFs overall offer a direct route into investing in AI’s disruptive tech capabilities. Given AI’s direct impact in sectors like renewables, however, investors may want to keep on the lookout for more about how AI investing will impact other industries.

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