Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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newETFs.io is an ETF news aggregator with a focus on “the other 10%” of ETF companies.


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ETF Stats


Fund Selectors Weigh In: 2024 Portfolio Construction

The biggest investors are thinking differently about the macro picture this year. The same holds true for portfolio construction. In a recent survey from...


Exchange: Are You as Smart as an ETF Nerd?

Advisors got educated about ETFs and ETF experts got to show off their knowledge. What could be more enjoyable than that for an ETF...



How to Use a Short Duration Income ETF in Portfolios

With uncertainty being a key theme in markets this year, many investors are still sitting on the sidelines in cash. Despite the continued uncertainty around...

A Detour on the Road to the Clean Energy Transition

Investors who piled into clean energy themes the last few years are experiencing some performance pain this year, as we appear to be experiencing...

3 Retail Trends for 2024

Explaining consumer spending involves a lot of contradictions. Consumer spending is strong. But consumers are stretched. Consumers are shifting spending to services like restaurants,...

AI Adopters Could Drive Next Phase of AI Equity Upside

After the close of U.S. markets Wednesday, Nvidia (NVDA) told analysts and investors that its fourth-quarter sales surged a jaw-dropping 265%. That was helped...

Dampen Small-Cap Volatility With This ETF

Small-cap equities are usually more volatile than their large counterparts. That turbulence can be amplified when smaller stocks aren’t producing impressive returns, as is...

Williams Reaffirms Significant Opportunity in Natural Gas

Growing demand for natural gas in the U.S. has led to that commodity being a key growth opportunity for midstream players. Williams (WMB) reaffirmed its...
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