Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Alternative ETFs to Hedge Against Further Euro Weakness

The battered euro currency has already dipped to its weakest level since 2017, and more traders are betting that it could weaken even further....

Current 2020 Economic Overview U.S. & Abroad

By Nottingham Advisors Fourth quarter real GDP in the US grew at a 2.1% annual rate, consistent with Q3’s pace. Personal consumption, along with federal, state...


Will Large Cap Equities Be Immune to Coronavirus?

After dropping 600 points in last Friday’s market session, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was able to bounce back into the green in Monday’s...

Suit Up With Armor Index ETFs’ New Equity Index ETF ‘ARMR’

Today, Armor Index ETFs, an innovative new provider of indices designed to protect against downside risk across a number of asset classes, in conjunction...